Global Leadership to Counter the Impacts of Climate Change.

America's EPA Issues the 'Clean Power Plan' - August 3, 2015

Today President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency took a major step in the fight against climate disruption by releasing the Clean Power Plan, which sets the first-ever carbon pollution standards for powerplants in the USA.

Until today, there were no limits on the amount of carbon pollution that power plants could dump into our air. The resulting coal pollution in the US results in more than $100 billion annually in health costs including more than 12,000 emergency room visits per year. In essence, polluters are putting their profits ahead of the environment and the wellbeing of our fellow citizens, and it's time for that to end.

Cleaning up carbon pollution will help protect public health. Also very important, by establishing carbon pollution protections, President Obama and the EPA are beginning the essential work of cleaning up and modernizing how we power our country. This creates jobs and boosts the economy. Several studies out recently show the positive economic impact possible with the Clean Power Plan.
To learn more, Click here to view the White House statement, or Click here to read the EPA ruling.

>> United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon issued a statement welcoming the US Clean Power Plan - Aug 4, 2015.
Click here to read the Secretary's statement.

The European Union has Again Reafirmed Their Role as a Strong Global Leader

  • EU Newsbrief - October 24, 2014: Europe Leads the Way with World's Most Ambitious 2030 Climate Energy Policy

    European Union leaders gathering in Brussels agreed on an ambitious framework and targets for the EU's climate and energy policy.

    They endorsed a binding EU target of at least 40 percent less greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, compared to 1990; a binding target of at least 27 percent of renewable energy used at EU level; an energy efficiency increase of at least 27 percent; the completion of the internal energy market by reaching an electricity interconnection target of 15 percent between members states and pushing forward important infrastructure projects.

    Click here for the full EU Statement including Questions and Answers

  • Preventing dangerous climate change is a strategic priority for the European Union. Europe is working hard to cut its greenhouse gas emissions substantially while encouraging other nations and regions to do likewise.
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  • President Obama made a strong statement of US leadership!
    Click here to watch his speech (13 minutes).

  • More than 400,000 citizen activists thronged the streets of New York City demanding action on Climate Change.
    Click here to learn more (Sierra Club News item - Sept 23, 2014)

Improving Vehicle Efficiency - USA and European Union Policies

  • The USA Issues Historic 54.5 mpg Fuel Efficiency Standards
    In August 2012, the Obama Administration finalized groundbreaking standards that will increase fuel economy to the equivalent of 54.5 mpg for cars and light-duty trucks by Model Year 2025. The standards also represent historic progress to reduce carbon pollution and address climate change and will cut greenhouse gas emissions from cars and light trucks in half by 2025.
    Click here to read the full press release, or Click here for more information on the US Government website.

  • European Union Boosts Standards for Vehicle Efficiency - June 2013
    Following up on a European Commission strategy adopted in 2007, the EU has put in place a comprehensive legal framework to reduce CO2 emissions from new light duty vehicles. The new goals require are an increase to 41.9 miles/gallon by 2015 and a further increase to 62.1 by 2020.
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