North American Climate Summit

The first ever North American Climate Summit held December 4-6, 2017 in Chicago brought together almost 50 mayors from the US, Canada, and Mexico. The Summit was hosted by Chicago Mayor Rahm Enanuel in concert with the Global Covenant of Mayors and C40 Cities.

The Mayors pledged their commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement and recognize the tremendous impacts that cities can have in the fight against Climate Change.

Highlights of the Summit included:

  • The 5th Annual 2017 C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies Awards luncheon.
  • President Barack Obama spoke to the Mayors, calling this "a powerful signal to the world."
  • A full 2 day program of discussions, panels, and breakouts focused on a range of related topics.
  • The Chicago Climate Charter signing by participants.
    "The Chicago Climate Charter represents tens of millions of residents who are committed to confronting climate change head-on. Even as Washington fails to act, cities have the power and will to take decisive action to protect our planet and the health and safety of our residents." Mayor Emanuel stated.

By signing the Chicago Climate Charter, cities are pledging to:

  • Achieve a percent reduction in carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement;
  • Quantify, track and publicly report city emissions, consistent with standards and best practices of measurement and transparency;
  • Advocate alongside other mayors for greater local authority and flexibility to develop policies and local laws that empower cities to take aggressive action on climate;
  • Recognize and include groups traditionally underrepresented in climate policy;
  • Incorporate the realities of climate change and its impacts into local infrastructure and emergency planning through strategies of adaptation and resilience;
  • Support strong regional, state and federal policies and partnerships, as well as private sector initiatives, that incentivize the transition to a new climate economy; and
  • Partner with experts, communities, businesses, environmental justice groups, advocates and other allies to develop holistic climate mitigation and resilience solutions.

Mayors are committed to working through existing organizations, including Climate Mayors, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, the Urban Sustainability Directors Network and ICLEI to develop partnerships with other cities. These commitments made under the Chicago Climate Charter will be clustered around central ideas and themes to better aggregate impact and provide guidance for Mayors who are looking to peers for new ideas.

Has your city signed on? It's not too late!
Click here to visit the North American Climate Summit website for a complete list of the Charter Cities:
If your city is not included on the list, contact your mayor and urge him/her to sign on.

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