Return to Europe - Summer 2009

In early October 2009, we returned to the US. We will be working to finish our stories from this chapter of our lives as well as some overdue stories from our Spring visit to India. Below is summary of our travels, followed by links to our stories. We hope you enjoy them.

During our last days in a cozy guest house in Mumbai, listening to the early monsoon rains falling outside, we considered our upcoming journey back to the US and where our travels should take us after that.

After more than three months exploring India, we felt overwhelmed by all that we had experienced. Now we were seeking a place where we could enjoy urban living and temperate summer weather - but where to go?

Europe, of course, where we could find warm days, evenings that stay comfortable and the daylight lasts until 20:30 or 21:00, and above all Great Urban Living!

So, after a brief stay in the US visiting friends, and a bit of reading and preparation, we were ready to leave. We traveled by plane to Frankfurt and by train on to Freiburg, in the sunny southwest of Germany. We believe that we may have found urban living at its best!

In early September, we moved on to Budapest, Hungary. We revisited some of the places we enjoyed last summer and spent some time with our friend Gabor, who we met back in 2007 and visited last year.

In mid September, we said goodbye to Gabor and traveled to Strasbourg, France, another city with good urban living, but on the French side of the Rhine. We also wanted to visit the Assembly of the European Parliament during its monthly session.

We spent our last week in Frankfurt, Germany, enjoying urban living as well as some early Octoberfest activities, before flying back to the US.

Following are our stories of our travels and observations. We apologize for not being more punctual in posting our new stories, but we are having a wonderful time and find that the draw of new places to visit outweighs staying in our room to write. In any event, we hope you enjoy them.


  • Our Home in Freiburg - the Perfect People Friendly City
  • Solar Region Freiburg
  • Vauban is Famous!
  • What Makes Freiberg so People Friendly?
  • Freiberg Rides and Rambles

    Budapest Calls Us Back

    Strasbourg, France - coming soon

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