How is a People Friendly City Also Climate Friendly?

Many of the aspects of cities that make them People Friendly also make them Climate Friendly!
  (Italics in the following is selected text from our 'Principles of People Friendly Cities')

Let's consider Pleasing and Efficient Physical Form, one aspect of which is "distinctive, charming, appealing buildings of distinguished design that create a strong sense of place". Increasingly, these buildings also have energy and water conserving features, so that they contribute to climate friendliness as well as people friendliness.

Another aspect is "a wide range of housing choices, including a diversity of affordable options". If these housing choices also offer "reduced water and energy use, and minimized emissions of air pollutants and climate changing gases through green building methods and materials", they are both people and climate friendly.

If a high percentage of structures have energy generation capabilities such as solar arrays, solar water heaters, and small wind turbines, that contributes to climate friendliness.

If city systems and "infrastructure are designed to prevent water pollution, reduce solid waste, enable use of energy from renewable sources, and permit water reuse", that contributes, too.

Mobility Options offer even more synergy between people and climate friendliness!

"An appealing, convenient, effective pedestrian environment; safe, convenient bicycle pathways"; and an "available, efficient and affordable system of bus, subway, tram and other transit" all "reduce the need for private vehicle trips" and thereby reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These mobility options also make travel pleasant for people, too.

Natural World Connections are essential for people friendly cities and are climate friendly, too.

"Parks, open space, and gardens for growing food within the urban environment enable people to take a walk in the woods or eat locally grown food." "Preservation of farmland, watershed areas, and wildlife habitat beyond the urban edge" also contributes to people's well being, while the greenery is absorbing carbon dioxide.

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