Sultanahmet Camii, The Blue Mosque

Back in 1609, when Sultan Ahmet's plans for the new Mosque were announced, many people said, "Imagine six minarets! Is our Sultan trying to compete with Mecca? It's positively unholy and, besides it will cost a fortune!"

But the Sultan went ahead with his plans and the result was impressive, indeed! The six slender minarets point gracefully to the heavens, while the rounded domes cascade toward earth. Inside, the splendid dome is supported by four massive columns; blue tiled walls and stained glass windows complete the vision.

Our first views were in the evening on the day we arrived.


In our travels over the next few days, we stopped many times to admire this wonderful sight.


On our visit, we entered the mosque through the courtyard, stopping to admire the minarets and the domes, now right above us.


Once inside, we stood in awe of the beautiful ceiling above.


The Mihrab indicating the direction of Mecca for prayer and Mimber, the pulpit where Imam delivers homilies. The stained glass windows and the tiles (below) are the inspiration for the name this place is known by - The Blue Mosque.


All around us were the blue tiles.


Back outside, we turned to again admire, knowing we were fortunate to have the opportunity to visit this incredible place.

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