PioneerWest - Principles of People Friendly Cities


Principles of People Friendly Cities

People Friendly Cities have...

  • Pleasing and Efficient Physical Form
    • Distinctive, charming, appealing buildings of distinguished design that create a strong sense of place
    • The sense of sacred and respected space through preeminent municipal and commercial buildings and evocative cultural structures
    • Fully connected lanes, streets and boulevards
    • Mixed land uses within neighborhoods to create vibrant urban places
    • A wide range of housing choices, including a diversity of affordable options
    • Reduced water and energy use, and minimized emissions of air pollutants and climate changing gases through green building methods and materials
    • Infrastructure to prevent water pollution, reduce solid waste, enable use of energy from renewable sources, and permit water reuse

  • Mobility Options
    • An appealing, convenient, effective pedestrian environment
    • Safe, convenient bicycle pathways
    • An available, efficient and affordable system of bus, subway, tram and other transit
    • Reduced need for private vehicle trips

  • Natural World Connections
    • Parks, Open Space, Gardens, Historical and Archaeological Sites, Recreational Areas or even a Beach, All Within Easy Reach of City Dwellers.
    • Farmland, watershed, and wildlife habitat beyond the urban edge

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