Our Projects

Searching the World for People Friendly Cities
Building on what we learned as advocates for good urban development, we came to realize that cities need to be places that people can live, work, play and be happy. To examine what this means we created our Principles of People Friendly Cities.

  • Pleasing and Efficient Physical Form
  • Mobility
  • Natural World Connections

We are visiting cities in the US and around the world to observe best practices and document excellent examples of People Friendly Cities.
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With the growing concensus that Climate Change is a risk to our future, we have expanded this project to examine the links between People Friendliness and Climate Friendliness.
Click here to go to our Climate Change portal to read about our observations and find links to information we consider significant and important.

Leading a Campaign to Advocate for Good Urban Development
Working through the Sierra Club, a national environmental organization, a campaign was launched to advocate for transportation and land use projects and policies that:

  • Achieve environmental sustainability and fairness for all of our citizens.
  • Reduce our dependence on the automobile by providing greater opportunities for walking, bicycling, public transit use, and economy of trip making.
  • Strengthen and revitalize our main streets, downtowns and existing neighborhoods.
  • Promote infill development and redevelopment.
  • Promote compact development at the fringes of our cities.
  • Preserve natural areas and farmlands.
A campaign committee was recruited that included experts on land use and transportation planning and policy. A campaign plan was developed and a website was launched. Through the efforts of this campaign, good urban development was supported and encouraged.

Planning and Implementation of Children's Water Festivals
Starting in 1999, Water Festivals have been planned and implemented annually for students in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Los Lunas. In 2003 the first Water Festival was planned and implemented for students in Santa Fe and since then a Festival has been held there each year. More than 8,700 students, 350 teachers and hundreds of parents have participated in all of the successful Water Festivals held in since 1999. The whole Water Festival experience and the learning activities help students understand that water is an essential and limited resource and what they can do to protect and conserve our precious water. (Complete)
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Designing a Survey of Community Conditions and Residents' Preferences
The survey objectives were to determine residents' knowledge and opinions about a range of conditions in the City of Albuquerque and their preferences for housing type, development intensity, automobile dependence and commuting time. (Complete)

Designing, Programming and Publishing of Websites
Working with the client, the website format, structure and appearance was defined and content with supporting graphics and images and online payment capability was converted to web-ready form. Files were loaded onto the Internet Service Provider site and the website was launched. Following launch, ongoing support was provided as needed. (Ongoing)

Designing, Producing, and Implementing a Water Quality Survey
The survey objective was to determine residents' knowledge and opinions about water quality in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County. The survey instrument was developed, results were analyzed and reported. (Complete)

Electronic Publishing of the Albuquerque 2000 Progress Report
The Albuquerque 2000 Progress Report, a 150 page printed document, was converted into an electronic document that was posted on the City of Albuquerque's website. A layout was developed to effectively present the content in an appealing, readable format consistent with the appearance of the City's website. (Complete)

Coordinating the Development of the Middle Rio Grande Water Planning Roadshow
The Roadshow was developed to familiarize the public with the water planning initiative. It was a learning and listening program - designed to educate and to provide an opportunity for sharing knowledge, values and concerns. Roadshow presenters were available to speak to meetings of community organizations, County Commissions, City Councils, Planning Commissions, and other groups with an interest in the region's water future. (Complete)

Coordinating the Children's Water Education Program for the City of Albuquerque
Classroom presentations were developed and delivered to students in the Albuquerque Public Schools to teach students about water conservation, protecting water quality, where our water comes from, where it goes and what will happen in the future. (Complete)

Organizing and Co-authoring a Proposal to Seek Funds for Water Planning in the Middle Rio Grande region from the Interstate Stream Commission
As a member of the Proposal Management Team, responsible for integrating the contributions of over 25 writers, editors and reviewers into the final proposal document. (Complete)

Co-authoring and editing the Albuquerque Sustainability Indicators Report
The report was the work product of a three year project to develop a system to measure the City of Albuquerque's progress toward a sustainable future. Contributions of 16 writers were compiled into the final document. (Complete)

Planning and Implementation of the New Mexico Communities Environmental Education Project
Through 25 community, teacher and student roundtable events and many one-on-one interviews, a comprehensive assessment of environmental education opportunities and needs in the state was executed. The project focused on helping local communities recognize local resources and build education capacity. (Complete)

Marketing environmental management system workshops
These workshops delivered comprehensive training in implementation of an ISO 14000 standards based environmental management system. (Complete)

Managing the Business Awareness Week '95 Project
This summer program provided hands-on learning about business for high school students in New Mexico. (Complete)

Managing the Operation of the Albuquerque Technology Business Incubator Facility
This included implementing restructuring of the operation, developing new policies and procedures, updating tenant selection criteria, developing and implementing the marketing plan, and providing reports to project sponsors (Complete)

Assisting clients to identify and develop international business opportunities through partnerships
The specific services included identification of international business opportunities for joint ventures, product import/export, acquisitions and technology transfer. Information on the business climate in the target countries was provided to clients. Contacts were initiated and negotiations between clients and potential partners were facilitated. Recommendations were made on marketing strategies and sources of financing for international projects. (Complete)

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